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Vision based robot navigation system

This program is a complete stereo vision robot navigation system that has been successfully tested on different robot platforms. (See https://qiaosongwang.wordpress.com/2009/10/21/introducing-my-new-robot-black-swan/). I modified the code so it can run on simulation files rather than a real robot system. I’ll keep improving the code and add more modules.

Demo program and complete source code:


Direct download link:


Powerpoint presentation:


1.   Program Interface

2.   Real-time stereo matching

3.   3D-point cloud generation and ground plane detection

4.   Path planning


Introducing my new robot “Black Swan”

Recently I pay more attention to hardware building. I need a robot that is agile and fast with a small turning radius and long endurance.

I modified a P3-DX robot base and added a stereo cam to my setup.

Inserting the controller into the base:

The main controller board:

Robot base and main power motherboard:

Upper structure:
Nearly finished:
Differential drive and a caster wheel, looks like DARPA’s LAGR robot platform:

[Updated Feb.28, 2011]

I finished the program on real time disparity map generation:

[Updated March 11, 2011]

Now the program can do real-time point cloud generation and camera pose estimation:

[Updated April 6, 2011]

Oudoor experiment result: