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Automatic image segmentation

Recently I’m working with M company to build image search and classification engine, so I made a study of image feature based segmentation methods and use combined feature to detect the target object in a single still image.

The program is based on M company’s own image processing library, so the executable file is very small, only a 94kb single file after compression, you can try it here.

Source code here:


Vision based robot navigation system

This program is a complete stereo vision robot navigation system that has been successfully tested on different robot platforms. (See I modified the code so it can run on simulation files rather than a real robot system. I’ll keep improving the code and add more modules.

Demo program and complete source code:

Direct download link:

Powerpoint presentation:

1.   Program Interface

2.   Real-time stereo matching

3.   3D-point cloud generation and ground plane detection

4.   Path planning


Stereo matching evaluation system

From now on I’ll open a new section “Source code” and gradually upload all my project codes and share with people who need them. These codes are mainly focused on computer vision, graphics, robot planning, localization and so on. The introductions will be on the wordpress page, and the source code will be hosted on codeplex:

OK. Here comes the first project, which is a course project I recently wrote for the evaluation of  stereo vision algorithms. I implemented the basic algorithms like NCC and SAD. Other better algorithms like SGBM, GC are using OpenCV functions.

The program is written in, using MFC to build the interface, picture control to show the OpenCV results. To compile the program, you need to configure OpenCV to Visual Studio correctly. I’m using OpenCV 2.1 here, if you use other versions, just change the version of corresponding cv210.lib,cxcore210.lib,highgui210.lib files in additional dependencies.

Source code download page:

Executable file can be downloaded here, you should run it in XP3 compatible mode.

If you have any problems, leave a reply here or send me an email.

Program interface



Tsukuba Anaglyph NCC(WINDOW:11 DSR:20)
SSD(WINDOW:20 DSR:20) BM( SADWindowSize=15) SGBM
Apple Anaglyph NCC(WINDOW:20  DSR:10)
SSD (WINDOW:15  DSR:12) BM( SADWindowSize=15) SGBM
Corn Anaglyph NCC(WINDOW:11 DSR:20)
SSD(WINDOW:30 DSR:60) BM( SADWindowSize=15) SGBM
Dolls Anaglyph (On 1390*1100) NCC(WINDOW:9 DSR:20)
SSD(WINDOW:15 DSR:20) BM( SADWindowSize=15) SGBM(On 1390*1100)
Aloe Anaglyph (On 1390*1100) NCC(WINDOW:9 DSR:11)
SSD(WINDOW:15 DSR:20) BM( SADWindowSize=15) SGBM

This program use visual tracking, object recognition, and intelligent control of pan-tilt devices, omni-vision devices to interpret visual scenes, and detect unusual behaviors.


Pan-tilt control:

Link the camera GPS coordinate to satelite images:

Multi pan-tilt device control:

IP camera support:

Object recognition:
Multi target tracking:

Telepresence robot control( not connected):