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The DARPA Robotics Challenge

The DARPA Robotics Challenge (DRC) is a prize competition funded by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. Held from 2012 to 2014, it aims to develop autonomous humanoid robots that can do complex tasks in dangerous environments. I’ve been working on the DARPA Robotic Challenge since December 2012 as part of the University of Delaware […]

Quadcopter UAV project

Recently I’m working on a quadcopter UAV project. The on-board electronic system includes 3-Axis Gyro, GPS/INS, AHRS, 5.8Ghz FPV transmitter, GoPro Hero camera and a small Gumstix computer. After I finished assembling and tuning all the parts, I’ll test autonomous flight outside and upload the HD videos recorded by GoPro Hero camera. The future experiments include vision based […]


This is my first job in the US, a 3-month internship from May 25,2012 to August 24,2012. The company is located in Malvern, Pennsylvania, very close to the city of Philadelphia. Overall the internship experience is very positive. This company is a relatively stable organization with team-oriented environment and a Global focus. It is basically a software company focusing on […]

Automatic image segmentation

Recently I’m working with M company to build image search and classification engine, so I made a study of image feature based segmentation methods and use combined feature to detect the target object in a single still image. The program is based on M company’s own image processing library, so the executable file is very small, […]

Vision based robot navigation system

This program is a complete stereo vision robot navigation system that has been successfully tested on different robot platforms. (See I modified the code so it can run on simulation files rather than a real robot system. I’ll keep improving the code and add more modules. Demo program and complete source code: Direct […]

Stereo matching evaluation system

From now on I’ll open a new section “Source code” and gradually upload all my project codes and share with people who need them. These codes are mainly focused on computer vision, graphics, robot planning, localization and so on. The introductions will be on the wordpress page, and the source code will be hosted on […]

My Rovio fire extinguisher mod

This is my first project, modify Rovio into an automatic fire extinguisher. I originally posted it on robocommunity, the official forum of the Wowwee company: The thread on robocommunity gained wide media interest, you can find the following websites also introducing this project: Report by New York Times, Nov.4 2010, […]

Recently I’m doing a research project on omni-vSLAM with ground plane constraint, a quite challenging task in machine vision. Firstly I have to build a omni-vision system totally on my own as I can’t find any place to buy such things. I’ve worked on stereo vision depth estimation before: The above stereo vision system is quite […]

Self-made R2-D2 telepresence robot

Inspired by Rovio, I decided to build a low-cost telepresence robot which processes audio and visual information on the upper computing unit. I contacted some of my friends and classmates from different majors and founded a group to start the building process. First we designed the outward appearance and inner circuits and mechanical structure: Then […]

Introducing my new robot “Black Swan”

Recently I pay more attention to hardware building. I need a robot that is agile and fast with a small turning radius and long endurance. I modified a P3-DX robot base and added a stereo cam to my setup. Inserting the controller into the base: The main controller board: Robot base and main power motherboard: […]