This is my first job in the US, a 3-month internship from May 25,2012 to August 24,2012. The company is located in Malvern, Pennsylvania, very close to the city of Philadelphia.

Overall the internship experience is very positive. This company is a relatively stable organization with team-oriented environment and a Global focus. It is basically a software company focusing on the development of the Siemens Sorian hospital information system. The location and working conditions are very good. Different from Microsoft Research, which emphasize on independent thinking, Siemens encourages team work, communication and collaboration.

During the internship, I mainly worked on two projects. The first one is an automatic device monitoring program which can detect the status of multiple devices and manage records during laboratory testing exercises. The second one is a concept proofing software for vision based autonomous medical device/patient association. Basically it’s an appearance based multiple object recognition and prediction program.

People inside the company are very nice. They helped me a lot and explained the work details to me very patiently. I also learnt a lot of things from them on how to solve problems and how to face new challenges in the near future.